Qasim PAKISTANI School

Qasim, a 25 year old man, runs a school that has been in his family for nearly two decades. His school contains about 410 students. Qasim states in his profile, "The aim of the school is to ensure children are helped to build confidence for achieving success.

A picture of Qasim from his Kiva Profile

Islamic countries usually suffer from gender inequality because there are many Islamic extremists that don't support gender equality. 60% of the students in his school are female.

Some may claim that this is ruining opportunities for boys but in this case and in Pakistan many girls have trouble in attempting to go to school.

Qasim's goals would help accomplish global goals

Pakistan is located in and next to terrorist infested countries, and many dangerous conflicts occur in and near Pakistan.

Pakistan has many areas that are dangerous due to terrorists that conflict with the education for children that live in those areas.
The average annual income in Pakistan is $4,700, which is not enough to provide for himself and the school that is educating children
Malala Yousafzai

Malala was shot in her head when she was 15 while she was going to school by a Taliban (an Islamic Extremist Group) gunman.

The Taliban doesn't allow girls over the age of ten to go to school. If found going to school, they will attack the victim and their family.

Along with terrorism, Pakistan has had a history of slavery too. They even rent out and sell children.

Pakistan became independent from British India in 1947 and then the Pakistan government turned into a democracy.

In 1980 the United States military reaches out to assist Pakistan after the Soviet Union invaded neighboring countries.

The Pakistani government strictly follows Islamic Rule and manipulates the rules to use the religion as an excuse.

Pakistan's Flag
96% of people are Muslim in Pakistan which means that nearly everyone follows the Islam government

Only about 14% use the Internet in Pakistan, limiting the ability to be aware of what is going on in the country (government, war, decisions).

BBC says, "Pakistan is one of the world's deadliest countries for journalists." This makes it difficult for other countries and their own country to know what's going on.

14 media workers were killed in 2014 in Pakistan

Terrorists groups are present in Pakistan such as the Taliban. Violence and all these interruptions make it hard for kids to be educated.

Terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden have been found and killed in Pakistan

Although there are terrorists, people still get the chance to go to school. People like Qasim help create oppurtunities.

When only about 36% of girls attend middle school, 46% of boys do. If this were to be compared to the U.S., nearly all boys and girls attend school.

185 million people live in Pakistan and less than 50% of children attend middle and highschool. Although about 10% of children attend college.

The location and the place truly affects these people the most in Pakistan. Since Pakistan is surrounded by so many dangerous countries and wouldn't consider itself a safe country either.

The country also has some separation, especially when East Pakistan (currently Bangledesh) tried to isolate itself from the rest of the country causing a Civil War (1971).

Pakistan contains many deserts and takes up space of Pakistan which doesn't allow Pakistan to develop faster.

Along with the deserts, the Arabian Sea has been known as a popular spot for enemies to invade.

Peace, Politics, Place, People, and Past of Pakistan help demonstrate that Pakistan is struggling. Pakistan has many problems relating to all of the 5 P's.

Qasim struggles because he doesn't just not have the money but he is trying to keep these kids safe and healthy all the while educating them.

Qasim needs your help so that he can reach out to kids and help do the right thing. Qasim is spending this money to help his country be put together one piece at a time.

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