Protect the wild Stop killing Today!

Thousands of acres of forests and the animals with them, are being torn down today. If you recycle one bottle it will bring us closer to preserving our Earth. By littering your trash is bound to end up in a lake or the sea and kill an innocent animal. If everyone on the Earth does their part then we can protect what little beauty of this Earth we have left. Now I don't want to sound like a tree hugger or anything,but this is legit. Inform yourself on endangered species and know how to protect this beautiful Earth. Some people would rather cut down habitats just to have some paper, but as an alternative you could experience the beauty of the Earth first hand. Now get out there and do your part!

Beautiful ...
Created By
Camdyn Hendricks


Created with images by USFWS Endangered Species - "Endangered, threated gray wolf (Endangered gray wolf (Canis lupus)" • ming1967 - "Red Panda" • Dimitry B - "Lion, Kruger Park, South Africa"

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