Gracefully Grayson By: Ami Polonsky, Reviewed: Malik Frazier

Personal Summary

Grayson Sender, 12 year old boy, lives a life full of a big secret. Alone at home, He shines and is free to be himself. but at school, he lives in the shadows not trying to be seen. His secret is, he really is a girl on the inside. He has been struggling with this secret that eats him up each day he steps outside. He meets a girl, Amelia, that goes to his school and lives close to him. Their friendship blossoms into some cute.

Personal Review

So far, I have enjoyed this book a lot. This is the top most interesting book I have read. I think teenage girls would like this book and also people with deep personals. I say that because gets very deep within the main character personality and who they really are. I think the book could help people who are looking to open up about their inner selves and who they really are and not be afraid to open up without being judged. I liked a lot of things about this book so far like how he opened up about making a friend after all the years, he has closed himself in a box. I didn't like how for a long time he did keep himself alone and away from others.

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