Review of Antigone Movie Courtesy of movie critic: Kyle Bergren

In my opinion, the one of Sophocles' greatest works, Antigone, has been absolutely BUTCHERED in its movie adaptation. What was once a great tragedy, is know nothing more than an attempt for the movie producers to gain fame! The movie was filmed poorly and and in the director's attempts to adapt the play to modern times, he ruined a classic.

Creon, a man who was loyal to his king and brother, Oedipus, is portrayed as a mobster with no feelings of guilt or remorse at sentencing his niece to death or ordering that his nephew's body is to be thrown into an alley rather than sent back home to be buried. This is quite contrary to how he was written by Sophocles.
"Are you sure that it is my voice and not your conscience" -Sentry to Creon about guilt.
In the play, Haemon argues against his father due to Antigone's sentence and kills himself due to his grief. In the movie, Haemon is Creon's right hand and is killed by police officers who attempt to rescue Antigone.
"And now he lies dead with the dead, and she is his. At last, his bride in the houses of the dead" -Messenger to Chorus on Haemon's suicide.
In the play, Tiresias was a blind prophet who warned Creon that he should free Antigone. In the mockery that is called a movie, Tiresias is a crooked cop who warns Creon that the police will attempt to free Antigone.

These and many other circumstances are what cause me to detest this movie. It is not a homage to a classic tragedy as the producers would say, but a disgrace to Sophocles' play.


For: Mr. Goza Honors English 10 Block 6

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