DCSS Coyote Chronicles APRIL 2019

Dates Coming Up!

Grade 10 Course Selections with SPC staff ~ Friday, April 12 AM

Easter long weekend with Friday, April 19 and Monday, April 22 off (no school)

Central Campus Culture Survey #2 with Students ~ April 24 to 26

Student Assembly with Guest Speaker, Cody Deaner ~ Friday, May 3 afternoon

Grade 7 School Visits by Central Staff & Grade 8 students ~ May 6 - 14

Grade 7 Visit to Central and Grade 9 Visit to South Peace ~ Thursday, May 16 morning

X5 Exposure 8 courses END ~ May 13 AND X6 Exposure 8 courses START ~ May 14

NOTE: Trimester 2 Report Cards were sent home with students last Thursday, April 4th. Please see your son/daughter if you haven’t seen his/her Report Card yet. If you are needing another copy, please contact the Office.

Cody Deaner on Friday, May 3

Our next motivational speaker is all about wrestling, standing out and being there for kids!

Cody is coming to Central Campus from Ontario. He's all bout the 'power of influence and perseverance'. Check out what he's about.



Cody will start @ 1:30 and end by 3:00pm
Our Coyotes of the Month (Dec - Feb)

Our Coyotes of the Month program continues! We recognized our latest recipients during our BC Lions' Assembly on March 5. Three students per grade were awarded Students of the Month and another three per grade awarded Athletes of the Month.

Coyote Students of the Month

GRADE 8: Stone Kassen (Dec), Kendall Collins (Jan) and Ethan Moser (Feb) GRADE 9: Autumn Knutson (Dec), Gwen Hawkins (Jan), Kaylan Gauther (Feb)

Left to Right: Ethan, Stone, Autumn, Gwen and Kaylan (Kendall was absent)

They demonstrated our Coyote Values ~ respect, integrity, perseverance, growth; excellent effort/progress in their school studies; participated in school community efforts and showed leadership around the school.

Coyote Athletes of the Month

GRADE 8: Kaiden Donkersley (Dec), Gage Klein (Jan) and Drayton Shoop (Feb) GRADE 9: Keaton Spenner (Dec), Colton Mazenek (Jan) and Jethro Cardines (Feb)

Left to Right: Gage, Jethro, Colton, Keaton and Kaiden (Dray was absent)

They exemplified a positive attitude and enthusiasm for their sport both on and off the field/court; a commitment (toward practices, games and continued improvement); sportsmanship (respect coaches, officials, opponents, teammates); perseverance (overcoming challenges); toughness (both mental and physical); honesty (playing by rules, character); focus and discipline; and teamwork.

Awareness & Harm Reduction Sessions

KEEPING OUT STUDENTS IN THE KNOW ~ knowledge to help them make informed decisions when faced with choices & situations about DRUGS & VAPING.
DRUGS ~ after spring break, our students attended a one-hour session with Northern Health’s Drug & Alcohol Counsellor, Jennifer LeRoux. The session focused on various drugs, especially Fentanyl.

VAPING INFO for our Parents

At DCSS, we have observed and been dealing with a growing increase in the number of students vaping at school. We have been gathering information and communicating with our students about the harmful health effects of vaping. Students are prohibited from vaping on school property - both inside and outside the building. If students are caught vaping, they can be suspended for three days according to our school code of conduct. This consequence is the same response as smoking on school property. Students who vape have been caught doing so in bathrooms, change rooms and outside the school on school grounds. We have compiled information for parents and guardians as we have observed a significant increase in the number of students vaping and are concerned about the long-term health effects of vaping.

What is Vaping? According to the Center on Addiction from the USA, vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced be an e-cigarette or similar device. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke but rather an aerosol, often mistaken for water vapour, that consists of a variety of fine particles. Many of these particles contain varying amounts of toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease.

What does a vaping device look like? How does it work? A device generally has a mouth piece, battery, heating element and a cartridge for containing the liquid, juice or oil. The battery heats up the element which converts the juice to an aerosol which is then inhaled into the lungs and exhaled. We have come across a variety of brands and vaping devices at the school. The majority of devices we confiscate are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and are rechargeable via a USB outlet. One of the most popular devices is called a JUUL which is small and sleek and resembles a computer USB flash drive. It is very easy to hide and across North America has become the most commonly used device for High School students. The JUUL has a very high nicotine level and according to research out of the USA is highly addictive. Until recently, the entire vaping industry has been relatively unregulated allowing these devices to be readily available to youth across North America.

various vaping products

What is vape juice? The vape juice is often flavoured to help appeal to youth. Common flavours we see are fruit and citrus-based. The liquid itself is relatively unregulated and usually contains propylene glycol or is oil/glycerin based with nicotine, flavouring and other chemicals and metals. There is no tobacco in the juice. The nicotine levels can be significant where a small pod of juice can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Many schools across Canada are experiencing similar issues as we are. There is a common misconception that vaping is safer than smoking, but experts and the research that is being conducted is saying this is not the case. The vape products are also being marketed and geared towards appealing to youth. Initially, developed as a smoking cessation product, the market focus has shifted and as a result more and more youth are taking to vaping.

The other thing we are noticing is the frequency of vaping compared to smoking. For example, when we have a student that smokes cigarettes, they will on average have 5 cigarettes a day. Students who are vaping are leaving class to vape and by some estimates are taking between 20 and 30 vapes a day. As a result, students who vape are consuming a much larger amount of nicotine into their bodies. We often hear from students that they vape because of the head rush they experience from it. The more they vape, the more dependent they become.

The other concerning piece around vaping is social acceptance of it within our youth. Smoking is still viewed as taboo, and we see less students now than ever before who smoke. However, vaping is considered “safe” by most of the youth we talk to; therefore, we have seen exponential growth in the number of students who vape. It is difficult to know exactly how many students are vaping at DCSS, but we can say we see it every day and are concerned by the growing number.

How do I educate myself? Below are links to a number of articles that we have compiled over the past few months. Take some time to read them and inform yourself. We hope this helps spark a conversation and further education about vaping with you son/daughter. If you are looking for more information, a simple internet search with the keywords vaping and youth will yield a large number of articles and research.

2019 - 2020

In The Works!

Soon it will be the 2019 – 2020 school year. We are in the midst of planning and organizing for next year; making specific decisions about our learning structures according to our needs and priorities at Central Campus.

TO CONTINUE --> the same timetable structure:

5 blocks daily @ 63 minutes each (3 in the AM and 2 in the PM)

7 blocks, A to G, for student courses (four academics, two options and Health/PE)

7 different block rotations over 7 school days; then repeat. We will continue with Days 1 – 7

40-minute Lunch Break

Classes will start @ 8:45 and dismissal @ 3:00

We will also continue with our Pod structure = 2 or 3 teachers with 2 groups of 30 students for academics. Our students will also have other staff teaching HPE and Option courses.

DCSS Spring Sports are happening!

Rugby practices happen Tuesday and Thursday, at 4:45pm. Badminton goes Monday and Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, at South Peace. Girls soccer also happens on Monday and Wednesday, after school. Finally, Track & Field runs on Monday and Wednesday at Central, Tuesday and Thursday at South Peace, starting at 3:30pm.

If interested, get in touch with the coaches below or Mr. Burge.

South Peace AD: Mrs. Eagles jeagles@sd59.bc.ca

Badminton: Mr. Chau rchau@sd59.bc.ca

Soccer: Mr. Eichelberger reichelberger@sd59.bc.ca

Track & Field: Mr. Wolf ewolf@sd59.bc.ca

Trimester 2 Honor Roll

Grade 9 Honor Roll with Distinction (straight A's)

  • Bailey Adelle
  • Baran Independence
  • Bondaroff Rylie
  • Chisholm Ridley
  • Ebersbach Vincent
  • Fulton T.J.
  • Gaucher Kaylan
  • Hommy Shayne
  • Knutson Autumn
  • Lekstrom Dylan
  • McDonald Hannah
  • McKechnie Landon
  • Patterson Casey
  • Rude Jessica
  • Seinen Kelsey
  • Spenner Keaton
  • Switzer Kira
  • Torgrimson Bree
  • Villamarin Kaela
  • Waddell Erin
  • Walker Benjamin

Grade 9 Honor Roll (A average)

  • Banagaso Jan
  • Bedell Macee
  • Borra Krystal
  • Bowen Tori
  • Buchan Tyson
  • Carpenter Grace
  • Carpenter-Bloudoff Ilyana
  • Chaffee Kadence
  • Cox Kennedy
  • Crandall Cole
  • Czaban Koben
  • Dalsin Austin
  • Do Evan
  • Dunbar Dalaney
  • Duncan Emma
  • Duong Kaitlyn
  • Esselink Victoria
  • Flowers Chelsea
  • Fodor Reka
  • Giesbrecht Tamara
  • Gitscheff Trinity
  • Graff Reece
  • Halma Brooke
  • Harris Taryn
  • Jalbert Kayah
  • Jobson Olivia
  • Juell Hannah
  • Kettner Ian
  • Kulak Nate
  • Lamon Emerald
  • MacElheren Madison
  • Maming Niel Aron
  • Marks Joycel
  • McKay Daylon
  • McLean Elizabeth
  • Miller Kaedance
  • Pamittan Christopher
  • Paquette Dallas
  • Parslow Kendal
  • Pederson Tyler
  • Powell Kamryn
  • Purnell Ryder-Dayne
  • Richard Emily
  • Rigsby Chloe
  • Ripley Janice
  • Schwertner Rebecca
  • Shea Adam
  • Shevkenek Kennedy
  • Shuman Brianna
  • Smith Janie
  • Smith Jared
  • Smith Kennedy
  • Smithard Kourtlynn
  • Sprinkle Millar
  • Stark Talia
  • Van Oort Mckenna
  • Warncke Aubree
  • Warner Alix
  • Wilkinson Keanne
  • Wilson Jordyn
  • Wilson Parker
  • Zavaglia Halle

Grade 8 Honor Roll with Distinction (straight A's)

  • Armstrong Hailey
  • Asuncion Jayvee
  • DeVuyst Jasmine
  • Freeman Carson
  • Villamarin Yasmin

Grade 8 Honor Roll (A average)

  • Adewole David
  • Asuncion Jaypee
  • Benito TJ
  • Benterud Elizabeth
  • Bond Tamsen
  • Bowles Jennifer
  • Calland Gracie
  • Campbell Alexa
  • Collins Kendall
  • Cox Gus
  • Critcher Jolene
  • Crook Chyna
  • Czaban Persephone
  • Delisi Ben
  • Dennis Vanderlyn
  • Dimapilis Pauline
  • Dizon Shanna Mae
  • Dueck Jarvis
  • Dufour Nate
  • Esau Kendall
  • Evans Lindsay
  • George Julia
  • Gitscheff Morgan
  • Gunter Byron
  • Hamilton Jesse
  • Haugen Kate
  • Heartt Trinity
  • Hiebert Dana
  • Hilario Kirstine
  • Holloway Andrew
  • Hutchings Joey
  • Huttema Kendra
  • Jones Ryder
  • Kassen Stone
  • Klein Gage
  • Knott Hailey
  • Kulak Rylan
  • Laglace Wesley
  • Laplaca Brook
  • Lawrence Kain
  • Lovgren Haden
  • Mattson Brooklyn
  • McCarthy Taya
  • McClarty Jared
  • Moritz Isla
  • Moser Ethan
  • Mracek Sheldon
  • Myatt Jonathan
  • Myers Kamryn
  • Ness Skylar
  • Nobbs Sky
  • Palfi Kameryn
  • Philbrook Brian
  • Powell Quinn
  • Pulido John
  • Quillope Shania
  • Ross Declan
  • Schafer Hunter
  • Singson Ken Mart
  • Smith Aaron
  • Steckly Addison
  • Sudnik Becca
  • Swejda Tennyson
  • Toner Tegan
  • Tuckwood Rhyley
  • Van Oort Emmerson
  • Vipond Sydney
  • Webster Charity
  • Whyte Breanna
  • Yakabuski Payge
  • Yerbury Phoenix
  • Zurrer Jocelyn

151 (39% of Central) made it on the Honor Roll for Trimester 2. Bravo!

Stay tuned for Honor Roll Certificates coming home later this month. Ms. Lindstrom & Ms. Percy will visit Pod classes to hand out Certificates and applaud their efforts.


Life around the Campus before Spring Break
Our Mission ~ Our Why
Created By
Diana Lindstrom


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