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I expect to be more familiar with visual applications and how to use them to make creative documents and be up to date with the technological improvements upon this module. My personal interest is to be as creative as possible and come up with creative ways to express modern ideas to captivate mass audiences and to make the best out of what I learn. I see myself as a person enriched with different skills in the future and a good leader willing to take an important role in the company that I'm going to work for and to lead that particular company towards success.


Assignment 2 : Short Video





Group Video

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

"Romeo And Juliet"

This stop motion video explores a unique take on the theme ‘Play’, by re-producing the theatrical version of the balcony scene in William Shakespeare’s most renowned play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, with characters made out of clay.

Group Photo



Infographic Poster


The theme for my chat stickers are in-cooperated combining my favourite animals and my childhood fantasy; Princesses and Princes. These six animals from royal families will portray six emotions; happy, sad, sleepy, angry, working and confused.


The six animals that will star in my chat stickers.



A happy penguin princess who wobbles from side to side while blushing. (Most of the edits were done through Photoshop)


This Monkey Prince is waiting to take a bite out of his yummy ice cream. But little does he know that his cone tips to the side and the ice cream falls to the ground.


This fox princess sleeps soundly after a tiring day. (Most of the edits were done through Photoshop)


This elephant princess studies for exams with a positive smile on her face. She studies English first, then keeps her english book down and takes the science book beside her and starts studying.


This cat princess has a very bad temper, she gets angry up to the point where steam blows out from her ears.


This Lion Prince, who's father is the King of the jungle has to impress his father in order to be the next King. He is confused because he is contemplating weather to hunt a rabbit or a deer in order to impress his father.

Chat stickers

Given below are my chat stickers uploaded on a Google Docs page. Go ahead, click the button! 👇🏻


Mobile app name: Vinyl

"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche

The main purpose of this app is to give you the world's best music experience with an extra twist. Not only will you indulge yourself in your favourite tunes, but you will now be able to listen to and enjoy the top 40 songs trending across the world, read the latest celebrity news in the Hollywood world and listen to world wide live radio streaming, with the rest of the world.

1) Home Page - This page contains the logo of the app and the four main features of our app, which will take you to their respective pages. The features will be explained in the following pages later.

Home Page

2) Top 40 - This page takes you to the list of songs that is trending around the world, currently and lets you enjoy the song while watching the music video. You will also be able to share your favourite music video with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Messages. You will also be allowed to type in any comment about your favourite songs and tell us what you feel through the comment feature.

Top 40 Page

3) News - Wanna keep up with what's happening in Hollywood? Here's an easy way to read all the trending Celebrity news by just one touch. Tap and Read, easy as that!

News Page

4) Radio - Bored of listening to the same local radio stations and listening to the same songs on repeat most of the time? Well, Vinyl's radio page is here for the rescue! Tune into worldwide radio stations live and indulge in the best music that will turn your frown upside down! From UK radio stations to Jamaican radio stations, the variety of music will never make you feel bored. You can also like the radio station and leave a comment on your favourite radio stations as feedback.

Radio Page

5) My Music - This page is yours. You can save your preferred choice of music, create your very own playlists, check out albums by your favourite artists. You can also add songs to a favourite list and carry all your music, wherever you go. Other features include the play button, the fast forward and rewind buttons, the 'add to favourites' button, the loop button and the shuffle button.

My Music Page

We hope to deliver the best music experience! Download Vinyl by clicking the link below!


Scan the code to install the app

Limitations of using ibuildapp

We used the iBuildApp website to create our mobile app and we came across many difficulties when using iBuildApp. One difficulty was that, iBuildApp did not allow us to add buttons and widgets to our sub pages, apart from the home page. We designed another 'Now Playing page' in hopes of linking it to the My Music page through a widget but after days of trying, we figured out that it wasn't possible.

The Now Playing page we were trying to link to the My Music page

Another limitation of using the iBuildApp is that we aren't allowed to customize a widget according to our own liking. For example, we could not upload any background images to our widgets and change the font of our widgets etc. Also, the widgets are very general and will not suit specific design functions that we liked to create. We also found out that the template could not be edited after submission which caused us much inconvenience.

Furthermore, the we could not add a splash screen that we like because we had to pay to cutomize the splash screen that goes on our app. Also, most of the Powr widgets could not be used without upgrading our account to premium and paying a monthly fee which was very inconvenient.

Moreover, the iBuildApp interface is not user friendly. It took us days of practice to execute our app. And there are no in depth tutorials available on how to use the website.


Created with images by Pexels - "beautiful camera cute girl hair photographer pretty" • 2dweb - "verona balcony romeo juliet art history architecture" • silviarita - "young woman meadow concerns relax rest sun"

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