Texts Will Kill Grace fleming

A 65 year old woman from Long Island drove about an hour away to visit her daughter and grandchildren for the day. She came and played with her two little grand daughters and enjoyed spending time with her family. Her two granddaughters loved her dearly and looked forward to spending time with their kind, generous grandmother. Time past by, and it was time for her to head back home to her husband. Her family was sad to see her leave, but knew that they would see her again soon. As she was driving home, about a half an hour away from her house, she drove up to an intersection. The light turned green and as a well educated driver would, she started to drive. Someone on the opposite side of the intersection was on their cellphone, and very distractedly drove through the red light into the woman's car. This person drove right into the woman's car, causing the car to flip over and causing a major car accident. The woman was rushed away to the hospital, very fatally injured and died just about two days later during a failed surgery to try and save her. This kind-hearted woman was killed by someone's poor driving skills, and not paying attention to what they were doing, and breaking New York law by using a cellphone and driving.

This kind-hearted woman was my grandmother.

Grace Margaret Feeney was my beloved grandmother, and she passed away on October 22, 2004. My sister and I were the granddaughters she was visiting, and I was only 3 years old and my little sister was just about 1. My mother was only in her early thirties when she lost her very own mother. This tore apart my mother’s family and the sadness was tremendous. Even today everybody gets very sad about her. But when thinking about how this tragically happened, the root of the cause was one single cellphone. Being distracted for as little as three seconds...can take someone else's innocent life.

This needs to stop. Thousands and thousands of lives are being lost to this act of ignorance and in some states an illegal crime. It could be a simple text that has no meaning or importance, and a life can be lost. What will it take for people to put the phone down and keep their eyes on the road?

At any given moment 1 in 5 drivers is either reading a text or texting while in a moving automobile. This risks not only their life, but the people around them as well. It can take as little as 3 seconds of the driver's attention off the road to cause the accident. 3 seconds. So many young lives are being lost as well. Everyday 11 teenagers are victims to these brutal accidents. Think of 11 teenagers, doesn't seem like much. Multiply by 7, that's 77 teenagers a week. These teengagers could have had 30 or more years left in their life, but are taken away over a simple text.

(credit to ubergizmo.com) Woman distracted by cellphone while driving, putting other peoples lives in danger

While all of this is happening 94% of teenagers claim they know the consequences of texting and driving but 35% still continue to do it. How disappointing is this? This is the future of our drivers, and who knows how many lives they will take and possibly their own.

People may say how the text may be important and that it is a necessary distraction. They may also say that the chances of actually injuring or getting into a crash while texting is very little. Let me tell you this is completely false. How could any text, be so important as to taking an innocent life. No matter what the chances are of you actually injuring someone, you still should not be texting and driving. There is still always a possibility that you, with just the tiny touch of a phone, can lose all focus on the road, and kill someone. Not only does it kill the person, but think of the families. They lost a loved one due to someone else’s shallowness.

No state in the U.S has an overall law against any cell phone usage in a car. This needs to be changed. There are only 14 states in the U.S with banned hand held and texting cell phone usage. That means the other 36 states have less strict laws for cell phones. This is repulsive. This is as bad as being able to drink and drive. Distractions are distractions no matter what.

Next time when you are on the road and you hear that notification sound go off on your phone, think of the drivers around you. Whether it is a text from your husband saying he will be home a few minutes late, or from your friend asking to go the movies, you are putting all of the other drivers lives risk if you pick up the phone. Would that simple text be worth one life? Most definitely not.

From time to time I think of the memories and fun I could have had with my grandmother. I always hear stories about her and just wish I could have had more time with her. I know I am supposed to conclude my paper and end the claim I have been stating all along, but this truly will never end for me. I will admit tears were shed while writing this, but my story needs to be heard. I am not the only one who has lost a loved one to this heartless act. My grandmother was killed by someone else’s clueless and undeniably stupid decision to pay attention to their cell phone instead of the road. But this does not stop happening, which infuriates me. Using your cell phone while driving is selfish and it needs to be banned all around the world.


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