Rwandan Genocide a society trying to heal the wounds that were once torn apart & patching the holes of a broken community.

Sophia Fabry

The people from Rwanda were impacted greatly by the genocide that was happening all around them. Their countries were torn apart by many bad things that made them suffer.

The people of Rwanda were forced into hard labor (slavery) causing starvation and disease, and the last survivors were eventually executed. Genocide was made illegal in 1951, but the laws did not stop anyone or anything. Everything that the community considered normal changed after the starting of the genocides. Multiple genocides have occurred since World War ll. On April 6th, 1994, a genocide started. It only lasted for about 100 days but by the end of it all, almost one million people were murdered with clubs or machetes by the people that they knew well (even by neighbors).

Habyarimana's soldiers were as loyal as could be, listening to everything informed. This is a good trait for most, but not always. The genocide had occurred because of the way they looked up to and followed Habyarimana. This caused the society to be forced under the rules that weren't always right or just.

After it was all over, Rwanda was left with the job to rebuild everything, which seemed impossible. They had to rebuild their society, government, and economy. It brought the Hutus and Tutsis together, because now instead of violence Rwanda is full of peace and they all live together. Many people were seriously injured or even killed and needed urgent medical attention at the time. They were greatly affected by all of the tragedies.

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Sophia Fabry


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