La chaneca

La chaneca is the story of a little girl in Mexico who had disobeyed her mother and went outside despite the consequences. She had been wanting to play outside but her mother wouldn't let her because of the fact that it was dark already. But she didn't care and waited until her mother had gone to bed to go outside and play.

When her mother awakened and realized that her daughter was gone she went out in search for her along with the little girls father. But they never found a body. Never found a thing other than the little girls boots. No signs of resistance, nothing.

At night, when the clock strikes twelve it is said that the little girl comes back to the place from she was taken to play, trying to lure children into the same fate that she had.

Th lesson of this story is to obey your parents for they only want the best for you.

Created By
Jessenia Rodriguez


Created with images by coombesy - "ghost spooky park" • Dusty J - "Rue de Bièvre ~ Paris, France" • Sergio Vassio - "324468_2551020288776_1051933031_2982307_1044759330_o" • coombesy - "ghost spooky park"

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