How we affect the rocky parts of the earth (and vice versa) By Jason Brain

Some of the biggest changes we have made to earth is digging huge holes in it.

The Bingham Copper Mine (southwest from SLC) is the largest man made excavation in the world.

How would you like to have giant holes being dug into you?

Not all of the damage that we have done to earth was for industry.

Mt. Rushmore was "defaced" so that the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Rosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln could be carved on it for Tourism (and for honoring them too).

He have also tried to preserve natural rock formations. (Key word: Tried)

We have tried as hard as we can to preserve as many of earths natural wonders. But with tourism that isn't always possible.

Even with all of our attempts to control the earth, earth still will always win.

The San Andreas fault is an example of people not even caring what the earth will do. A lot of homes, streets, and other buildings were built right on top of the fault.

San Andreas fault line going right through homes
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