F.A.B. Inc. Final QUARTERLY Review

Brief Description about F.A.B. Inc.

F.A.B. Inc. is a short terms standing for "Finance and Business". It is a club on campus for girls who are interested in finance or business and are considering going to those fields in the future. In F.A.B., the club members will decide what is the annual goal together in the beginning of the year and work together throughout the year to reach the goal. It is a club of girls and for girls.

Mission Statement

To inspire young women to immerse themselves and to share with others the passion of finance and business world.

Note from our faculty advisor: mS. Duncan

The Business Club, or F.A.B. was launched this year. It was a slow beginning due to time spent consulting with an alumna trying to seek some advice for a positive direction for the club. We also spent time recording the students’ thoughts and ideas to share with our consultant to give her some idea about where the girls stood, and what their areas of interest were. Sofie, as the leader of the club, spent time exploring investment simulators online so we could introduce our members to the stock market and investing. She also spent a great deal of time making a plan for a service project, which would make textbooks available to our scholarship students. The club has great potential, but it needs more attention and planning to really take off next year.

Updates of the year

1. work with alumnae

For the first part of our club meetings, we worked with one of the alumni of Santa Catalina, who works in finance field and current is writing a book on girls and business, her name is Angelina. She was really excited when she knew there is a finance and business club on campus and she expresses her will of helping us learning about finance. She really wants to know all of the member s in the club and to talk to all of us, but she is currently in Hong Kong and there is a huge gap of time difference. We decided to filmed a video individually, answering the questions Angelina asked us: "1. What did you want to be when you were a child? 2. What is your view of money--happy(the more the better), neutral(enough is enough), or too much is bad? 3. What is your strategy on saving money? 4. Which of your traits are you most proud of? 5. What is your favorite thing to do after school?" We sent our videos to Angelina to let her start to know us more.

2. stock market

We practiced how to invest in the stock market by playing the game on "Wallstreetsurvivor"
We created an league and had a competition of who can earn more money

3. book recycling program

Beside only focusing on finance and business, we decided that we also want to do some community services to give back to society. We want to start a book recycling program on campus, where we collect all the used books that students don't want and rent it next year to the student body to raise money. Part of the money will be buying snacks for the students and the rest of the money will be used to support Sherwood students to buy books. Currently, Ms. Duncan and Sofie are still meeting with Dr. Brenot to talk about the program further.

Club members' reviews

Contrary to the popular belief that learning about finance and business management is a dull and difficult process, my experience in the F.A.B club has been a thoroughly interesting and enlightening one.Through making hypothetical portfolios on Wall Street Survivor (an educational website) and learning to buy and sell stocks, I was able to learn more about making investments and managing personal finance. Being in a risk-free environment was especially helpful, as it allowed me to make bold decisions and learn from my mistakes. Overall, being in the F.A.B club has been an enjoyable learning opportunity for me, and I look forward to participating in future activities.--Rosemary '20

I love F.A.B. club because it enriched my understanding of finance and business. I wasn't sure in the beginning about whether I would like to major in business or not, but joining this club definitely reassured me that I am in fact interested in learning more about F.A.B. Our monthly meetings are fun and educational, and I especially enjoyed buying stocks during an activity. Sophie and Ms. Duncan are clearly passionate in educating us about Finance and Business and I can't wait to learn more about this subject next year.--Vivien '18

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