Things That I Love By Vivian landon

Dolphin- A very intelligent and majestic creature.

Snow- It can be very beautiful at times but also scary.

Tarzan- In my opinion Tarzan is the King Of The Jungle, he is strong and fast.

Beach- Its my favorite place in the whole world!

Grey's Anatomy- Its my favorite show its about doctors its dramatic and really entertaining.

Ocean- This beautiful mass of water holds the mermaids and dolphins and other beautiful creatures this is also one of my favorites.

Mermaid- This creature is beautiful yet still think its not real, but i do think its real. they are out there somewhere. I know they are.

Tiger- I love all big cats. They live in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Russia, China.

Lion- I can say this about lions. They are beautiful I wish I was one because there mane is so beautiful.

Cheetah- Is is the fastest land animal.


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