Historic Downtown Stuart and Farmer's Market Stuart, FL

It is a beautiful sunny morning in Stuart, Florida. Whether you have slept in to enjoy a lazy Sunday or are a diligent churchgoer there is always something unique happening on a Sunday in downtown Stuart.


At 8AM venders from all over the city show up in the parking lots for downtown Stuart. They each have their own glossy white tent which they begin to set up first. It is a busy morning as each of them runs to and from the truck that holds all of their supplies and signage for the event. By 8:45AM everyone is nearly ready. The fruits and vegetables are set out, local musicians arrive and even a few local food venders arrive to share their latest creations.


As 9AM rolls around the corner a small trickle of individuals begin to meander through the downtown area. To their delight, as they finish up their post-church walk, are signs pointing towards the end of the road which is a sea of white tents… the farmer’s market. How great to be able to see your local farmers and entrepreneurs participate in such an event. But where do you begin?


There is no real defined entrance to the farmer’s market as it is open on all sides, corners and sidewalks. By around 10AM a steadier trickle starts to flow through the tents. The aroma of soaps, spices, delicatessen, herbs and freshly cut flowers permeates through the air. The sun rises a little higher in the sky now and illuminates the fine jewelry and crafts that local artists have created. Around this time more venders show up to share a tent or two with some friends that they have made at previous markets. These venders come bring handcrafted clothing and accessories. The vibrant colors of the sheath material used for some of the scarves hanging up on the side of the tent whip and snap in the breeze rolling through the main street, Osceola St.


If this market doesn’t tickle your fancy, a lot of the restaurants begin to open up at 11AM. Wood framed glass doors shimmer as they open towards the late morning sun. Tables and chairs are set outside in little seating areas adjacent to the main street. The umbrellas begin to open and a buzz begins to hum, bouncing back and forth off of the historic buildings. The after church crowd begins to inundate the area. Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best looking for a good cup of coffee and an omelet. If the famed brunch of Osceola Café doesn’t suit you, you can stroll on down to the farmers market that has a plethora of lunch foods to offer.

The city of Stuart has done a lot of revitalization to this area. The downtown area contains a number of historic buildings and streets but incorporates newer businesses. Historically, the area was a pineapple plantation and a small harbor. Through the years it has developed a series of buildings to accommodate a growing population. The area now has a series of boutiques, stores, restaurants and the historical Lyric Theatre that hosts performances from operas to concerts.


Nearly all of the businesses open up on Sunday morning. The downtown area provides a nice get away for shoppers, hobby enthusiasts, ice cream and chocolate lovers, pizza fans and so much more. The variety of shops compliments the presence of the farmer’s market. Many of the restaurants actually purchase their fresh produce from the market to incorporate into their dishes. You can really feel the sense of community throughout downtown as every passerby smiles at you. Not only are the locals friendly but the local businesses are friendly too and are more than happy to give you a tour or a sample of their goods.

The farmer’s market in downtown Stuart is a hub for creativity, good food and good music. In addition to all of the awesome aspects of this historical town every month they host “Music in the Streets” and flood the streets and businesses with local artists and musicians. On top of everything, this is all free and open to anyone who wishes to experience this wonderful town.


Whether you are a Sunday churchgoer, sleep in to noon, looking for something to do or just passing through the downtown Stuart Farmer’s market on Sunday is the perfect way to spend your morning and early afternoon. The town offers so many different shops, boutiques and restaurants to satisfy the diverse need of the community. It is clear through the smiles of the local vendors and visitors that they love this town and want you to enjoy it too. This entire experience is free of charge and you can come at any point from 9AM to 2PM to fall in love with historic downtown Stuart and its vibrant community.



Ella Donaho

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