Just Ranchin' Saturday, April 1st

When we started this journey 6 months ago, I was more than apprehensive. When I was growing up, my grandfather was a cattle farmer. Being a child, he would let me tag along, doing the small tasks. But for the most part, I just reaped the benefit of playing with and loving on these beautiful creatures. None of the financial outlay was my responsibility, hence my apprehension. But, husband knows best, and I leapt in by faith.

God has blessed me so much! I prayed he would allow me to marry a farmer! Trivial I realize, but I have such a strong love for animals. I desired to live a life similar to how I grew up. God blessed me with a man as amazing as my father, a love for animals as strong as mine, and farming in his blood. Not to mention, he looks good in plaid driving a tractor 😍.

He has also blessed me with amazing friends as close as family who allow us to farm on their ranch. Butch and Pat Berry have been so much more than just friends to us, and they are the owners of the ranch. Back in the day, Butch was a real life rodeo cowboy. Elkin is where he made home after meeting Pat, turning her farm into a working horse and cattle ranch. Riders came from all over the country to spend some time roping and riding with Butch Berry, the living legend. Now, this ranch is home to our herd. Our dreams would not have been possible without them!

God blesses us with these beautiful paintings on a daily basis at the farm.

"...and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." - Proverbs 18:24

This scripture could not be more true for this friendship. Jesse is so blessed to have such a dear friend to share this journey with. Andrew has been by our sides through our entire relationship. He's always been a welcomed addition.

The King Family. Three years ago, Andrew married Brittney. Their family has been such a wonderful addition to our lives. True friends are hard to come by, but they are definitely that. And baby Drew just loves to moo at the cows.

Our girls first day on the farm!

The smile never left his face that day. He was so happy to finally have our herd.

One day old

Little Caroline was our first baby born on the ranch. She is a daughter to 5, making Caroline our number 7 of the herd. We greatly anticipated her arrival! Each baby is like a special surprise in two ways; the gender and color. We couldn't be more pleased with how beautiful she is. And she is red, so she matches Jesse and baby Drew 😊.

Welcome to the world sweet baby. #7

Within 15 minutes of birth, Caroline was up and kicking! She couldn't wait to start eating. She had the sweetest little pink nose. It was late that night and freezing cold, but that didn't phase us! We were all so elated that she had arrived! We had to cover the gates with blankets and tarps to keep out the wind.

Following mama

The next day, she was up and exploring, enjoying the sunshine.

Posing for her daddy!

Caroline is so friendly. 5 is a wonderful mother and she let us interact with Caroline almost immediately. Here she is showing off her beauty!

Proud Mama #5

5 is Caroline's mother. Her name came from the number on her side the day we brought her home. We bought her while she was pregnant with Caroline, so the 5 indicated how far along in her pregnancy at the time of sell. So it stuck... and I like it!

Newborn - 3/30/17 #9

In the early morning of March 30th, 2017 our first bull calf arrived on the ranch. The husbands named him Johnny Ringo, Ringo for short, after a cowboy from Tombstone (against my will). He is black with a white ring on his tail (Ringo makes more sense in this case) and red around his belly and face. He was born to 4, making him the 9th addition to the herd.

4 is Ringo's mother. Her name came from the number on her side the day we brought her home. We bought her while she was pregnant with Ringo, so the 4 indicated how far along in her pregnancy she was at the time of sell. After we called her that for awhile, it didn't feel right to change it. Plus, it has a nice ring to it?

One happy mama
Exploring the world!
Checking out Xena
Hey! I just want to play!
Johnny Ringo
Look at the sweet little face! She's growing so fast!
Sweet Caroline

Two of the triplets... we call the white faced one Baldie, due to her markings. They are skittish and still not very trusting of us, but this is to be expected with their age.

Another one of the triplets... this timid and skittish little girl has had a rough time. She gave birth to a still born calf in February 2017. We had no idea she was even expecting, so it was a very complicated birth. Her baby would have been our number 8 addition to the herd, so we have saved that number for the baby.

Sweet Caroline

Caroline's little nose isn't so pink anymore, but her beauty continues to multiply.

Girls day out
Our precious Red ❤
Posing for the camera

5 is an amazing mother. She nurtures Caroline, but she lets her be independent as well. They never miss a photo op, though.

It's a beautiful farm life!

I am so proud of how far 6 months has brought us. We love "ranchin" and raising our herd. We have reconnected with old friends and made new memories along the way. Our journey has just started, and I can't wait to see what the future of God's blessings have in store for The Walker's, The King's, and the Berry's.

- Jessica

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