Come and join me in the Southern Section Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Reasons to come to Southern Section

You should definitely come to the wonderful land of the Southern Section of the 13 colonies. You should come to this section to practice religion and beliefs that you have. Religion was a big deal for the Southern Section.

An old church symbolizing religion

Geography is Wonderful in the Southern Section

Geography is perfect in the Southern Section. They have hot and humid weather that is perfect for farming. With the way the weather is it is perfect for farming and perfect for treating cattle and other meat producing animals. The weather makes it easy for fertile soil.

Farming is an important part of the Southern Section

Jobs are important in the Southern Section

In the Southern Section has many jobs. They include, farming, agriculture, selling crops, shipbuilders, and selling deer skin. They are all important in the Southern Section because they help with farming.

Most of the jobs in the Southern Section

Politics in the Southern Section

In the Southern Section governors were assisted by advisory council. Each governor has it's own colony. The first house was called Council of State. Slave codes are laws that let you control slaves. Sold tobacco rice and indigo. Then there is the Toleration act of 1649. This bill made it a crime to restrict religious rights of Christians.

Social Facts about the Southern Section

The wealthy land owners had time to relax because they had slave to do their work. They practice religion and beliefs together. The farmland has large plantations and small farms.



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