The playground By nico b

My favorite place on campus is the pre-k through Sr-k playground.When I come here I feel careless and warm inside.My favorite memory here was on ladybug day, where the teachers let out a bucket full of ladybugs.I love this place because I have had a lot of fun and I have made some friends here. My favorite part of this place is the really big blue area because there is a slide, a arching ladder, and a deck I like to jump off of.

My ornament is the green seesaw in the play ground. I decided to make this because this is where I had the most fun in the playground. To make it I hot glued three sticks together to make the arch of the seesaw, I then cut out two small cardboard circles and poked them through each side of the arch to represent the seats, and then I made the hoops you hang off of out of green string. Once I had the seesaw done I hot glued it to a piece of cardboard and drew dots on the cardboard to represent mulch.
This is my diamante poem it is about st.stephens and the playground
I chose these two quotes because they both talk about playing.

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