Critical Thinking in Fake News By: Emma G

Critical Thinking

What is Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is using your logic and careful thinking to make a good decision or come to a conclusion. Critical thinking is not believing everything you see. It is taking time to investigate the content.

Critical thinking steps

1.Ask questions about the content.

2.Gather information/ do research.

3.Apply the information. (Use logic)

4.Look at other points of view.

How to use critical thinking?

You should use critical thinking whenever your making an important decision. You can use critical thinking while reading news. You can go through the critical thinking steps while reading news.

How critical thinking and fake news connect.

When you are reading news you can use critical thinking to decide if you are reading true or fake news. You need to ask questions while reading news, gathering information/researching, applying the information/using logic, and also looking at other points of view. If you quick glance at a fake news article then that means you are not using critical thinking. When you take your time and use logic that is critical thinking.

How to identify fake news.

1.Check the URL.

2.Read past the headline.

3.Check the date the article was published.

4.Who is the author.

5.Find another source reporting the same information.

Use critical thinking steps to identify the news article

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