Content Strategy Moving Targets Marketing

Green Packaging, Inc.

The following page outlines the approach we will take to posting on your social media pages. It documents the main objectives associated with each platform as well as the tone we will use when speaking as your brand.

Website Content

These posts are the core of your content strategy. Here we will be taking a little information from your blog posts and adding an image to increase engagement as well as linking them to the blog. This will present you as a knowledgeable resource to your fans.

Resource Content

This content will be secondary to your website content. We want to share useful information about environmental topics and how it relates to your product from an outside source. This is to present your business to your current or potential customers as a company that is able to point you in the right direction.

Custom Designs

Each week we can provide your fans a tip for a "did you know" type of post. This will be custom designed, branded and will inform your customers of interesting information that many would not know.


Our aim is to position Green Packaging, Inc. as a trustworthy place for people rely on when it comes to choosing the right packaging company. But being informative alone won't totally accomplish that goal; we need focus on speaking/sounding like the kind of decision makers that will purchase your product.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content (e.g., photos, videos, reviews) created by customers who use your products or services. Sharing UGC via your social networks has become a marketing game changer because it builds trust and enriches the user’s experience. Knowing that advertisements are designed to show a business’s good side, prospects tend to view UGC as more credible and unfiltered — perfect for showing what the office, agents, and atmosphere is really like and priming them for a consistent in-person experience. We will be retweeting updates in your industry, businesses you currently work with and positive mentions about your business by users on Twitter.


Similar to your Facebook and Google+ postings, we will be creating content that features external and internal links. This will present Green Packaging, Inc. as a resourceful and reliable company. We will also be able to tag businesses you currently work with as well as possible businesses in each post.


Since Instagram is image heavy, our main focus will be to post images of what the products you sell are or the day to day work on site. This will attract new customers while giving them an idea of what to expect when they work with you or come to you about purchasing a package. However, we will need photos sent to us on a weekly/monthly basis in order to post to Instagram.

Newsletter Topic Ideas

Here is a list of topics we have put together for possible content for your newsletters.

Ad Strategy

One Time My Face Ad Management Budget: $100

For your MyFace budget, we will focus on promoting Facebook Ads during the expo. We will be able to put a pin of your location with the booth number and target to those on the list you had sent us. This way they will not only know that you are present at the expo but also be able to find your booth. Then about a week after the expo, we will target those people again through Facebook Ads along with an offer.

Day of Offer: 5% off first order when you visit the booth

Day After Expo Offer: Free Sample

Monthly Happy Face Ad Management Budget: $170

Since your page has about a 100 fans, our focus for the first 90-days is to build up your Facebook page's engagement with your Happy Face budget. We want to make sure the content we are creating and publishing is reaching people. What good is a post if it isn't reaching anyone? We will use the ad budget to create a page like campaign and boosted post campaign. We want to see the number of fans increase from 100 to 300-400 within the 90-day period.

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