Movie Time Movie Reviews By Lydia

I'm a huge fan of The Great Gatsby (2013). Although I am not typically a fan of the romance genre, you just cannot seem to go wrong with a beautifully casted film (by beautiful I mean Leonardo Dicaprio) following a story that is so dramatic and thrilling. I love how the entire story is told by Carroway, how he remembers Gatsby, Daisy, and that entire summer in retrospect. The movie captures both the lavishness and the hardships of the "roaring" 1920s. I have always been fascinated with the era, wishing I would have been able to experience the wild city lifestyle myself during that time frame. The parties, the music, the fashion, every single aspect!

My least favorite movie of all time is Tuck Everlasting, the plot being extremely unrealistic and difficult to follow in my opinion. Granted, I first saw this movie at about 7 years old. I immediately became traumatized by the "man in the yellow suit" as I would call him. I had nightmares for weeks about this creepy character, and to this day refuse to ever give the movie another chance, despite the fact that the man in the yellow suit is all I can confidently remember about the movie.

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