Saudi Arabia Trip to Saudi Arabia

In this vacation my family and i decide to go to Saudi Arabia for 10 days ,we went to Saudi Arabia by the car first we go to riyadh ,10 hours between UAE and riyadh we sleep there one day then we go to the Makkah and also its take 10 hours from Riyadh to Makkah ,we do umrah in Makkah and we pray ,also we go to mall that is under the hotel , its a huge mall and there are a lot of shops there, we set in Makkah three days , Makkah is a city that people from all countries come to ,because they want to do umrah and pray in Alkabaa . after Makkah we go to Almadina , we pray there and we feed the dove , there are a lot of dove there ,we sit in the Almadina for 2 days only because its too crowd there because there are vacation in a lot of country and they come all to Almadina , then we come back to Riyadh and we sit there 3 days we go to the malls there and we go to Exhibition that a lot of famous people come to , riyadh is crowd country and there are a lot of cars there and traffics but its a beautiful country , also there are a lot of delicious restaurants and there are a lot of type of restaurant for example saudi , Kuwaiti , Italian and American restaurant , and the best thing that i like in Riyadh is the restaurant ,a after Riyadh we come back to the UAE.



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