Porsche Automotive By ALeksi turkki

Greatness has humble origins. In 1931, Ferdinand Porsche used his passion for design to combat the oppression of World War II by creating the first “People’s Car” – The Volkswagen Beetle. The thrill of blending form and function led Ferdinand to create his own automobile company— Porsche, a legacy of innovation, style, and performance. Today, Porsche Automotive is the world’s leading performance car manufacturer, earning over 23 billion dollars in revenue each year.

It all began with the birth of the true "sports car," the Porsche 911. Ahead of its time when introduced in 1964, the rear-engine 911 evolved over three decades when Porsche introduced a completely new 911 Carrera for 1999. Why is Porsche so iconic? Because everyone can recognize the 911's signature arching silhouette as a symbol of timeless style. Whether it's a 1970 or a 2017, a 911 evokes the same style, emotion, and vision. All Porsche 911's share a rear mounted, 6-cylinder, boxer engine that Ferdinand Porsche pioneered as the efficient power-house that allows the coupe to push over 400 horse power, and speeds of 180 MPH. Porsche will never compromise speed over quality. Since the first 911 was introduced, it has consistently been ranked one of the most reliable automobiles, a feat no sports car can surpass. As of 2016, 3/4 out of all Porsche's ever produced since 1964 are still driven today.

The Porsche design legacy has influenced more than just automobiles. Ferdinand Porsche applied his passion for design to transform the mundane tools and products we use each day into innovative works of art. In 1984, Ferdinand Porsche designed the IP 84-S lounge chair, a revolutionary, ergonomic, chair that could adapt to a variety of body types. As of 2017, Porsche continues to operate the Porsche Design Division, a label that produces innovative furniture, kitchen-ware, tools, and fashion. What's beautiful about Porsche design is that both its house-hold products and automobiles influence each other, sharing a singular DNA of timeless function and form. When Porsche discovers a new technology through motorsports, that innovation will be transformed into it's product design.

Porsche Design IP 84-S Lounge Chair (1984)

In order to achieve exceptional innovation through each design, Porsche has pioneered a unique work environment, and company culture, that is centered around the foundations of fine art. The Porsche design and development studio in Ludwigsburg Germany, is ultimately an "art factory," a large studio where individual of all backgrounds ranging from engineering, art, and interior design, collaborate through various artist mediums to explore the form of a new Porsche automobile. All projects at Porsche automotive are completed in teams containing 4 to 12 individuals all specializing in a unique creative skill. Every automobile begins as a series of sketches or paintings, and is then developed into various clay models ranging in size to finalize 3D proportions. Engineers then partner with designers to create life within the vehicle by pairing it with a drive-train and engine. Once the correct mechanics (function) has been married to the proper aesthetics (form), the Porsche automobile is ready for mass production.

Porsche artisan crafting a clay model of the brand new Macan SUV model.

The future of Porsche automobiles lies in it's passion for blurring the boundaries of science and art. As of 2015 Porsche declared it's "Mission-E" philosophy, a goal to create the most energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable, super-car. What's revolutionary about this feat however, is that Porsche also strives to design, manufacture, and repair this vehicle in the most efficient manner. Committing itself to extensive research on recyclable materials, environmentally powered factories, and alternative battery cell technology, Porsche has given us a glimpse into the future through it's Mission-E sedan. With acceleration of 0 to 100 KM in 3.5 seconds, a range of 300 miles, and a charging time of 20 minutes, the Porsche Mission-E sedan is set to give Tesla a run for it's money. Encompassing the vision of a world where product cohabits with ethics, guarantees that Porsche will always provide us with the experience of moving art.

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