Crossroads Fund Staff

For thirty-seven years, Crossroads Fund has bolstered movements by raising money for grassroots organizers working at the intersections of racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. Your support has enabled Crossroads Fund to anchor movement building across the city and sustain the hard work on the ground during the most hostile of times. Thank you.

This matters because our communities are under attack. There’s no question about it.

In response, our grantees are vigorously resisting and proactively confronting the systems, structures, and policies attacking our youth, neighbors, and communities. From No Cop Academy, to Erase the Gang Database, to women calling out sexual violence in their workplaces, grassroots communities are building intersectional campaigns for justice and are refusing to be ignored, muted, and denied their humanity.

The unyielding commitment by Chicago’s activists and organizers is matched by our community of donors and grantmakers, including our Board of Directors, Youth Fund for Social Change grantmaking committee, and Giving Project members. In fiscal year 2018, our community rose to the occasion by fundraising, pooling resources, and helping us grant $1,068,042, the most we’ve ever granted in a single fiscal year. This is how we seed change in Chicago.

Not only did our donors make these immediate grants possible but we also exceeded our five year campaign goal by raising over $2 million for the Big Change campaign, "the people’s endowment." The fight for justice is long. This endowment will ensure the long-term capacity and strength of Crossroads Fund as a reliable movement fund for years to come.

Chicago’s organizing ecosystem is thriving and we want to celebrate this with you. Thank you for helping to make $1 million in grants possible. Please see the attached report for the impact your support made possible over the last year.

One Million Dollars

One Thousand Donors

Building Movements for Justice

The work continues. Please consider a gift to Crossroads Fund so that we can move more money, build stronger movements, and realize a more just Chicago.

Jeanne Kracher, Executive Director

on behalf of the Crossroads Fund Board and Staff

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