PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design

PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design is a suite of over forty structural analysis, design and detailing programs. The first PROKON programs were developed in 1989, and today PROKON is used worldwide in over eighty countries. The suite is modular, but its true power lies in the tight integration between analysis, design and detailing programs. PROKON has been improving the lives of structural engineers everywhere for more than three decades.

PROKON is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers and intended for use by structural engineers and technicians. The software provides quick and reliable answers to everyday structural engineering problems:

- Building Information Modeling (BIM)

- Frame and finite element analysis

- Steel member design

- Steel connection design

- Reinforced and prestressed concrete design

- CAD and reinforced concrete detailing

- Timber member design

- Masonry design

- Other structural applications such as section properties calculation and section database

A collection of geotechnical analysis modules is also available as part of the PROKON suite.

Structural Design Modules

Structural Analysis is determining the effects of loads on physical structures and their components. The Prokon suite provides quick and reliable answers to everyday structural engineering problems. The steel modules include; SUMO, Frame Analysis, Plane Stress Analysis, Single Span Analysis, and Beam on Elastic Support Analysis.

Steel Design Modules

The Steel Member Design Modules include; Member Design for Axial Stress, Member Design for Combined Stress, Crane Gantry Girder Design & Plate Girder Design. These modules are predominately used for checking and optimising steel members. They can quickly and accurately determine envelopes for all required design forces, moments and deflections. Some modules interact with Sumo Structural Modeller, Frame Analysis and Single Span Beam Analysis, allowing you to effortlessly post-process analysis results.

Concrete Design Modules

Input of the geometry and/or load cases in some of the concrete design modules can be automated by linking from the analysis results in Frame and/or SUMO Analysis. The workflow is further enhanced by semi-automatic generation of reinforcement bending schedules by most of the concrete design modules. Bending schedules are stored as drawing files that can be opened with, edited (if needed) and printed using PADDS or Probar 2D (Autopadds).

Geotechnical Analysis

PROKON Geotechnical Analysis is a colaboration by Prokon Software Consultantants and ARQ Specialist Engineers. The suite comprises a number of modules for analysis stability and determining capacity.

For Engineers, by Engineers The PROKON suite of analysis and design programs is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers. A collection of geotecnical analysis modules are distributed with PROKON Structural Analysis and Design (there is no need to order any structural modules if your work is of purely geotechnical nature). Analysis modules are available in the following categories: Probabilistic Distribution Slope stability analysis Rock stability analysis Pile design
The PROKON suite includes a full-featured CAD program, Padds, designed specifically for structural engineers. It is intuitive to use and new users are usually pleasantly surprised by its easy learning curve. Without the bloat of modern CAD systems, all that remains is a lean and powerful tool for drawing and structural detailing. The reinforcement detailing functionality of Padds is also available in Probar 2D (formerly AutoPadds), an extension for AutoCAD®. Padds is further complemented by the free PaddView drawing viewer.

General PROKON

The PROKON suite includes a number of utilities that do not fall in any of the major analysis and design categories:

Autodesk Extensions

Prokon is an Autodesk Gold Partner as well as an Authorised Developer. Prokon develops applications that enhance the Autodesk functionality for Civil and Structural Engineers within the South African market. The Autodesk extensions include; Probar 2D (Autopadds), ProDesk and ProNET.

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