Jostein Solheim Eric Rivera, Josh Eakins, Kristin Kelly, Landon Tucker, Charissa Gray, William Proffitt

Origin Story

  • Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started out in a gas station in Vermont
  • Has been around since 1978
  • $5 course to actually learn how to make ice cream, and a $12,000 investment to open up shop


  • Bergen, Norway
  • Attended United World College
  • Became CEO of Ben & Jerry's in 2010
  • Worked with Unilever for 19 years


  • United World College - an international college program with multiple schools across the globe
  • Focuses on social action and responsibility

Ethical Beliefs

  • Values-based business
  • Cares about well being of people
  • Pays employees a livable wage; historically has been paying starting workers double the min. wage
  • Leads by example

Solheim's Vision

  • B-Corporation
  • Community Action programs through Ben & Jerry's
"We see ourselves as a social justice company, that also makes the world's best ice cream."

Ben & Jerry's Foundation

  • Established in 1985
  • Mission: To engage Ben & Jerry's employees in philanthropy and social change work; to give back to our Vermont communities; and to support grassroots activism and community organizing for social and environmental justice around the country
  • Donates $1.8 mil to nonprofits across Vermont

Interesting Facts

  • Favorite flavor: Chunky Monkey
  • Became CEO on April Fools Day
  • Compensated pay is confidential; last known pay was $504k

Company Success

  • Mantra: "Change is a wonderful thing"
  • Believes business success comes from empowered employees
  • Nearly tripled revenue and added hundreds of jobs to Ben & Jerry's
  • B Corp score is double the national average

Biblical Integration

  • Philippians 4:9 - "Whatever you have learned or received or seen in me - put into practice."
  • I Corinthians 11:1 - "Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ"


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