Hiking the Austrian Alps (Zugspitz Arena Circuit - Day 2)

It was a tough day in the office today...

Ascent 703m | Descent 866m

Scenery included... Alpine forests | Luna landscapes | Lakes | Treacherous slippery loose rocks | Vista mountain views

We started off the day with a very steep ascent with no warm up until we reached the pass at our highest point of over 2200m before descending into a secluded bowl that looked like a Luna landscape with only the sightings of several Chamios that could scale the loose rocks within seconds that would take us hours!

Most of the day was spent in solitude and isolation with only an occasional interruption from others sharing the track. Lunch stop was perched on a grassy mound overlooking a small lake before we continued our final treacherous descent requiring the use of hiking sticks to stop us from slipping over and down the rocky slope!

The final stage of the walk was much easier through pine trees until a final short steep climb to our Hütte for the evening...

We had perfect weather for the entire day and finished off the walk with a Raddler Beer and Kaiserschmarrn (shredder pancakes) in icing sugar with a cranberry sauce...

It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Stephen Mathieson

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