Guide to TikTok By Charli Gisi

TikTok is a social media app that recently gained popularity. The app has many features and trends that allow for creators to express themselves. Here are a few examples.

1. TikTok Dances

Dances on TikTok have become a great way to earn followers and likes. TikTok dancers such as @charlidamelio gained a large following because of their dances. The biggest and most known TikTok dance was created friends by @ty.cxc and @michelle.dnce in Oct 2019. The dance blew up almost immediately and it is still being done by creators on the app.

2. Transitions

Transitions are a very difficult when first starting out on TikTok. Users utilize LED lights and camera movements to create these segues. Creator @zarbruh is a well-known transition TikToker who gained popularity by creating videos like the one above.

3. Comedy Videos

Many users download TikTok to watch and create funny videos. Most of the content created doesn't much sense but that is what is so funny about the TikToks.

4. POVs

Over the past few months, POVs, or point of views, have gained in popularity. In the video above, user @locallygrownwig says: "POV: The government has created its first working android soldier. These are her first words to the public."

5. Duets

The app allows for users to duet other TikTokers and post it to their accounts. Duets are popular with POVs and dance videos. It is a cool feature that allows for people to connect with other creators.