Telegum go everywhere ,anywhere, anytime. telrgum

About the product

Tele-gum takes you were you want to go depending on it's flavor. Once you spit it out you return back to your primary location.


The price of the gum ranges from 2.99 - 10.99 depending on its flavor

Target audience

This product is helpful to those who may need a break from work, trouble, or any type of stress. regardless of being in an argument or any family problem Telegum can help releieve that stress in exchange of a vacation of a life time.


  • Blue Bizzle and Strawberry Snizzle - Tropical Island/Beach
  • Peach Bedazzle - Red Carpet/Celebrity area
  • Jazzy Raspberry - Broadway/Hollywood
  • Rainbow-ristic! - Takes you anywhere you desire

Side affects

In order to go back to your desired area you must spit out the gum. Side affects that could lead up to this product: Hallucination, blurriness, etc.


The Sweet Tooth charity will make sure you are satisfied with your flavors and get to your immediate destination with no harms. We are aiming to raise $1,000.

Contact information

#-1-800-255-Gum visit-


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