choices not chance alli koch

  • Detail 1: When Santiago thought to himself he thought, " Its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting". (Coelho,13) Adding on to that i thought to myself that this quote sounded like the theme of the song dream on by Aerosmith.
  • Commentary: Dream on by Aerosmith. Was the first single he released. Regarding the meaning of the song Tyler explained "It's about the hunger to be somebody; Dream until your dreams come true"Just like how santiago had the "hunger" to be a boy who travels.
  • Detail 2: When the old man thought to himself he never realized that "People are capable, at anytime in their lives , of doing what they dream of ". (Coelho,25) I had realized that this quote is like the story of "Smalls" in the movie the sandlot.
  • Commentary: In The Sandlot a boy named "Smalls" doesn't quite fit in to his community and he wants to make friends and learn the basics of baseball. Although smalls keeps going because he just wants to have his dream come true. after a couple of rough days smalls finally finds one of his new true friends just like how Santiago finds the king , one of his true friends.
  • Detail 3: When the old man spoke he said "People learn, early in their lives , what is their reason for being"..." Maybe that's why they give up on it too. But that's the way it is." (Coelho,26) This quote explains a woman that is names Elizabeth and she is in a book called Eat,Pray,Love.
  • Commentary: Eat, Pray ,Love is about a woman who feels unhappy in her marriage , and an ugly divorce takes place. She feels the need to be free and start a new experience like Santiago, she just wants to travel and find herself. and make a new beginning for a better ending in life.
  • Thesis: The decisions people make is critical to accomplish your personal legend which is shown through The sandlot, Eat,Pray,Love, and Dream On.
  • Conclusion: Through these examples, it can be seen that no matter how big or small the obsticales are faced with it is possible to achieve ones dreams as long as they are willing and strong. These books/movies/songs really do have the potetial to inspire as well as teach about the beauty of chashing a dream amd the rewards from it.


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