2016 warming Patagonia


Upsala glacier

Made up of fallen snow that over years compressed into large thickened ice masses.

Upsala: This lac has appeared in the last century.

Ice that have melt in large blue lacs in several years.

A floating giant

And drop giant icebergs

A land of ice and silence...

so fragile
so pure
irremediably warming

Within the past 750 000 years, 8 ice age cycles, separated by warmer interglacial periods have created these giants of ice.

The Perito Moreno glacier, flows like a very slow river

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from ice to water...

Could you imagine a glacier was there less than 90 years ago?
Upsala Glacier in 1928
Floating ice
Click pictures to enlarge and see Perito Moreno glacier
From ice to water
How these birds,
or these one,
or even mammals from Ushaïa Patagonia
will survive to global warming?
Save our planet from Global Warming...
Created By
Jean-Christophe Mazoyer


Jean-Christophe Mazoyer, Copyright 2015

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