Maybe the reason racism is occurring is because of historical events. In the olden days most black people were slaves, they were sold and moved around like animals. Causing some people in recent time to carry on those deeds and be racist to them because they 'used' to be lower than them. For example Donald trump. This man, who is the most powerful man in the world is racist. He blocked people from Muslim countries just because of an extremist group. Now this behaviour is seen everywhere around the world and some people might not agree but some might. The worst thing about this is that his actions are getting showed around the world, so it might influence people to do similar things.

My investigation is to stop racial hatred and discrimination, the reason why I am doing this topic is because I think it is the most stupid thing ever to be mean and horrible because of where they were born and the skin colour, also my family know have south african friends who have been beaten up so badly that they had to go back their country because it was dangerous to live in south africa. My article relates to global goal 10. I have found many articles such as ‘Civil unrest threatens US after murder acquittal’ this articles shows how in america that police just arrest a black boy because black and he looked like the culprit, by doing this it caused uproar in the african american society. This shows that even after the martin luther king period, racism is still bad today and that people are still affected by their skin colour. Another reason why to do this is because a 14 year old boy ‘Ahmed Mohamed’ was put in a prison cell just because he had the same name and a watch that was supposedly a ‘bomb’ which was obviously not true and he was in a cell away from his family and friends. Also there is the fact that every human came from africa where everyone was black, so there is no point on being racist when we were all the same colour. This why I i am trying to stop racial discrimination and abuse.

This video is of a black stand up comedian, who tells all her stories of racism that she has encountered.

Things like this happen many a time a year and parades go up on the streets of protests against american cops.
But it isn't just american police it is also citizens around the world.


The Day, YouTube, The guardian, Global Issues

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