It All Began in a Garden U of L Coutts Centre for Western Heritage

As I said previously, the Coutts Centre gardens need to be broken down into months so you aren't overwhelmed with images! That said, this is a pretty big one because, as gardeners know, July is probably the peak month for gardens.

The property is more than gardens. It's a wonderful stroll: past flower beds like the Jelly Bean bed, through the rose garden and the lily garden, along an elm allee, up hills and down, to a marsh land and under a trellis covered in clematis, in and out, a bench swing to rest on while listening to the birds and the bees, secret paths in still woods, into the herb garden and a stop at the vegetable patch, don't want to miss the poppy garden or the medicine wheel, up to the house for the hollyhock bed, in one gate and out the other of the peony garden, a pause to reflect in the bench garden. There's grass plots and a sedge circle too. Oh and you don't want to miss the sunflower bed. So much to see, so much to enjoy.

A robin chooses to build it's nest in this beautiful place.
If you're lucky you will catch the cactus in bloom in the Medicine Wheel.
The holly hocks showing their finest in July.
I've never quite caught the peonies at their peak. As lovely as these are many were done by the time of my visits.
I'm not sure what I like better - the blossom or the seed pod.
What a rebel, a single white blossom in a sea of poppy red.
More of the poppy fest.
These beauties can be found in the Herb Garden.
Pink and Yellow
Roses are red... and pink.
I've never timed my visits to catch the roses at the peak either but there is always something blooming in a rose garden.
Day lilies, martagons, orientals and many more.
One day I hope to see Monarch butterflies enjoying the Milkweed.
Clematis, Cornflower and Cosmos
A tangled mass of loveliness
Shastas and Scentless Daisies
Two of many, many Sunflowers
View to the west.
South west
Bad weather to the east.

Thank you for joining me on my virtual visit to The U of L, Coutts Centre for Western Heritage in July.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography