My Goals By:Giovanni Almeida

In one year I want to:

  • Be 1st chair trumpet because I can lead other people in my section. I am on the right track to take leadership of the section.
  • Own a car so I can travel independently to school and my job. I will pay for this with the money I earn from my job.
  • Get a Job so I can make money and put it towards a car and college. This job doesn't have to be related to my career and will probably be part time.
  • Visit the four corners because it is a famous location and the only place in the United States where four States meet.

In three years I want to:

  • Attend the Arizona State University polytechnic campus off of a scholarship.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon because I have only been once and do not remember it. The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world and I would like to see it and remember it.
  • Visit the Hole in the Rock because me and my family used to go there when I was young and I would like to visit it again with them.
  • Have my Honors High School Degree by studying hard and earning good grades. This will enable me to get a scholarship and go to Arizona State University.

In five years I want to:

  • Continue to play trumpet because I have already spent years playing it and I want to continue.
  • Have my own apartment to live in during my last three years of College. I will pay for this with my job.
  • Visit Mexico and learn about their culture. It will be an exciting way to begin to see the world.
  • Visit New York City because I have always wanted to see the skyscrapers and the city.

In ten years I want to:

Have a career in Aerospace Engineering designing aircraft. This is the ideal career for me and I enjoy designing things.

Pay off my student loans with my job as an Aerospace Engineer.

Visit Italy to see my heritage and continue to see the world. Most of my family is from Italy and I would like to visit it once.

Visit Madrid, the capital of Spain to see my heritage and learn about the Spanish culture through immersion.

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