A Way Around Traffic Building a Bypass Around Atlanta

Traffic happens everyday and it has an impact on people and the environment.

Air Pollution is all around us. It creates an unpleasant atmosphere and traffic makes it worse.

Cars produce so much harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

People will get sick living in this environment.

It can seriously harm individuals well being and health.

The Bypass will reduce all of this by creating a way around the traffic.

Created By
William Coleman


Created with images by taylorandayumi - "Sukhumvit Road スクムビット" • byrev - "pollution smoke stack" • ninahale - "Cairo Air Pollution with smog - Pyramids1" • cwizner - "pollution smokestack industrial" • Paulina101 - "exhaust auto grey" • Mojpe - "woman blow blowing" • Presidencia de la República Mexicana - "Inauguración del Hospital Municipal de Chiconcuac"

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