Socrates by: medha muskula

Who was Socrates?

Socrates believed that everything had to be totally right or wrong. Socrates was a sculptor in the Athenian Empire. He did not support the Sophist's ideas. No one knows where all of Socrates's writings are because he hid them. All the information that people know about Socrates today is from his students. Socrates thought that there was an absolute truth to everything, and that it was inside every person.

What were Socrates's philosophies and main ideals?

Socrates created the Socratic Method. It is used to ask students specific questions, so that they are forced to think reasonably about the answers. The Socratic Method was similar to the way that the Athenian Empire used to work. The Athenian government changed their government after the Peloponnesian war, and saw Socrates as a threat to them because he was teaching children how to have reasonable thinking.

What were Socrates's main impacts on society?

Socrates had many impacts on society. He taught young Athenians the meaning of right and wrong. Unfortunately, the government thought that he was corrupting the minds of young people, so he was sentenced to death. Although the government didn't agree with Socrates's views, many people believed that he was and amazing philosopher. He is still impacting the society today with the Socratic Seminar.

What is a modern example of his philosophy?

In modern times, people still use the studies of Socrates. Schools nation wide use Socratic seminars to teach their students. A Socratic seminar is used to help students understand values, issues, and ideas. Students make 2 circles at the beginning of the seminar. The inner circle discusses the subject, and the outer circle takes notes on everything the inner circle talks about. Halfway through, they switch roles.

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