Plate boundaries

divergent boundary

The plates move farther away from each other . The stress for a divergent boundary is tension . Some of the landforms are the mid-ocean ridge , volcanoes , and creating new crust . Places where this actually takes place is in mid-atlantic ridge , and east pacific rise .

this is the mid - atlantic ridge . As you can see the plates have moved away from each other
this is an example of divergent boundary

Convergent Boundary

These plates collide together while they move closer to each other . Convergent boundaries have shear stress . Some of the landforms are mountains , himalayas , and volcanic mountains . One real world event of convergent boundary is the himalayan mountains that formed about 40 to 50 years ago .

These are the himalayan mountains .
This is an example of convergent and how the plates collide

Transform boundary

Transform is when plates slide past each other . Some of the features / landforms are earthquakes . Transform has compression stress . A real world event is the san andreas fault that happened in 1857 and 1906 .

this is a earthquake
this is the san andreas accident
this is what the plates do

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