Schemes & Tropes By: Cristal Gutierrez P.2


Using many conjunctions to create an effect of overwhelment.

EX1. "This term I am taking biology & english & history & math & Music & Phycology & Sociology. "

EX2. "I met this really nice guy & he was so nice & gentlemen like & good looking & he was so dreamy, he's all I ever wanted in a guy"

EX3. "My thanksgiving dinner was overwhelming I was so full, my dinner plate consisted of mashed potatoes with gravy & turkey & bread & mixed veggies & the dessert was the most overwhelming of them all."

All those "&'s" create an overwhelming effect.


This trope uses one verb with two or more words and each time there is a different meaning.

EX.1 "He broke my heart & car."

EX.2 "I took a tissue from my math class & an F"

EX.3 " For my birthday I got money & 17 punches on my arm"

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