True Detective written by joseph Orduno

It all started in the summer of 1954 in Los Angeles, when a veteran Police named Michael detective discovered a case that has yet to be solved. It involves murder . It thrilled him because he thinks he can get to bottom of it, but the question is can he do it?

When he got back to the station the next morning he told his partner Joseph about the case/mystery he heard about. Joseph got excited but he also felt uneasy because no one has mentioned it before, so he felt like there's a reason why. He was telling Michael to leave it alone, but Michael's stubbornness showed by him ignoring Joseph's remarks.

Later that day Michael brought up to the his Boss ( Captain Randy). He said " hey I heard about this weird case." " what's about," said Captain. Michael then went on and said, "well it's about this ghost ( no one has seen him before) and it involves Human Trafficking, murder, and breaking and entering." Captain replied with, " i don't think you should take the case because it's a bit fishy to me. " Fine then you allow this to happen and let all this stuff happen" said Michael.*walks out of room* After that occurred, Michael approached Joseph about what the captain said. Joseph agreed with what the captain said because he is the boss, so you have to do as he says. Michael then started to "people about this topic. He found out that there are witnesses to the crime, so he tracked them down himself.

The first witness was an account named Wilson that just had gotten out of work the night that someone was abducted. He saw it first hand and that person who did the kidnapping told Wilson that if he said anything he'll die a slow painful death. Michael got the information out of him easily it was no trouble. But the thing is He didn't get any descriptions of what the character looked like. The only information that he got was of what happened, which was that someone had gotten abducted. He thanked the citizen for his help although it wasn't much. He told Joseph about what he is doing, and He liked what Michael is doing but then again he is going against the captains orders. He told Michael that it'll stay between them both hopefully.

The next morning When Michael went to the office he quickly got the newspaper and went to his room. He was checking if anything had happen, but sadly nothing did. He has no leads, no help from the local law enforcement, and he has only one person to help him which is Joseph. Joseph started to question people with MIchael and soon they found out that there's going to be a shipment of drugs in two days ,Friday, from now at the shipping yard in San Francisco.

As soon as he gets back to the hotel this he looks up plane tickets to San Francisco. He starts packing up his things, and him and Joseph leave and depart for San Francisco. On the plane he notices that he can't have any back up because the Captain told him to stay off of it or else he'll be in trouble, so the only person he has is Joseph. He then falls asleep and wakes up when they have arrived to their destination.

They book a room at a local hotel, and unpack and start to figure out a plan for it. They decide to go undercover dressed as normal civilians, but they would be carrying their badges and their two guns with them. They leave the hotel and depart for the Shipping yard. They arrive early than the bad guys, so they find good hiding spots and set up Recording devices because it's dark and they won't see them. When the bad guys arrive and they start talking about what is in the crates. They said that it was huge amounts of Cocaine, heroine, and guns. Michael leaves the area in discrete, so he can shotguns. As he comes back he doesn't find Joseph. He then notices that he becomes compromised. Joseph gets shot twice in the chest. Michael fleas the area.

He goes somewhere safe and listens to the recording and recognizes a voice. He thinks it's the Captains voice, and he goes to the department to file a case, and at the captains house Police burst in and arrest him. He gets charged of Murder of police officer and insubordination,. Michael feels achievement but sorrow as well, but on the bright side he gets moved up to Captain.


Created By
Joseph Orduno

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