Common Exhibit #6 Using personal values to set Short- and long-term goals

Journal: In class we were given a set of around 100 values that people may have in their everyday lives. At first we were asked to narrow them down into 3 categories: not important to me, important to me, and very important to me. Then from there we were asked to take the top 10 and top 5 from the very important to me section and get rid of the rest. My top 10 values were: Family, Health, Religion, Friendship, Excitement, Service, Purpose, Commitment, Forgiveness, and Moderation. My top 5 values were: Family, Health, Religion, Friendship, and Service. Some of the values that were hard to cut out of my top 10 were Purpose and Forgiveness, I feel as if both of those values are vital to my everyday life. My top value over all of those was Religion, which is very important to my everyday life.

I'm going to talk for a little bit about my top 5 values and why I chose to put them into my top 5. This will help you understand a little bit about who I am and why I'm that way. I feel as if I can apply all of these values into my everyday life, then everything else will fall into place behind them.

Religion: The most important thing to me out of those five values is religion, but not necessarily religion, but my relationship with God. I believe that staying in a healthy relationship with God benefits my life in a major way and I intend on staying on that path for the rest of my life.

Family: The second most important of those five values to me is my family. I grew up very close to not only my immediate family but my extended family including my cousins who live very close to me at home. I think my family is part of the reason I chose Clemson because I am only about an hour away from home, so it is not hard for us to see each other quite often. My family is very important to me and I will continue to stay close to them for the rest of my life.

Friendship: The third most important value to me is my relationship with my friends. I have a good many friends but I have a handful that I am very close to, and I am very thankful for them. Those are the people that I can share anything with, from problems that I might be having, to something dumb I did at a party the night before, they are going to be there with me and I'm really glad to have them.

Serving others: My fourth value out of these is serving others. I really enjoy helping people in any way that I can and I really feel as if serving has had a major impact on my life. I've been on various mission trips with my church that are aimed at helping people while spreading the word of Christ, and seeing the look on someones face that is truly in need when you help them makes it all worth it.

Health: Although I may not look like it, I try to keep my health in check (most of the time). My family has a long history of high blood pressure at a young age, and I'm really trying to stay away from that because high blood pressure can lead to a lot of problems with your, and I want to live for a long time. I run quite often and play intramural and pick up basketball to get my cardio in most weeks. I plan on living a long time and keeping my health up is a big step in that direction.

Short term goals: My short term goals include a few things. First off, I want to pass all of my classes with a C or higher. Right now I'm doing pretty good. This relates to my values because I have friends that are pretty smart and are helping me on the way, and I'm praying that I pass.

Long term goals: Some of my long term goals include graduating from Clemson, starting a family, and creating a business that I can make a living off of while serving others and making a positive impact on their lives. These goals connect with my value of serving others, I want to use my skills to make a mark on someone else's life and be able to help in whatever way I can.

Action plan: My action plan for graduating from Clemson includes putting in the work necessary to pass all of my classes, and I will be incorporating many of the values that I have learned over the course of this class. Another plan of mine is to eventually own my own business. I want to eventually get to the point in my life that I am financially stable enough to open up my own successful Sports Marketing firm for athletes that are turning professional in their field. I want to start out as an agent when I graduate college and eventually after I gain experience I should have enough knowledge and money to start my own firm. I definitely will have to use some of the things we have covered in this class to be successful in this field.

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