Prey-o-vision James P and ANdy S

Based on the wide field of view of prey animals, your Prey-o-vision goggles allows you to see in a wide 260 degrees.

We have eyes on the front of our head, this was an evolutionary trait since we were predators. We needed to see in front of us to focus on our prey. We no longer hunt, meaning this is a useless trait that does not hinder us or put us at a deadly disadvantage. With Prey-o-Vision you can see around you when you need to see your surroundings or take it off when you need to focus on a single task without dangers around you. This will help with many things, including some sports, construction work, defending yourself, and to see more of the picture. The prey-o-vision works by having cameras on both sides of the glasses and in the front. Also there a strap on the top which hold your battery pack and the chip. These glasses come in all different colors and sizes. It starts at one size and goes bigger.The cameras that are attached to the glasses don't get in the way and the pair of glasses are comfortable to wear. Another thing is, these glasses won´t look dorky on you. There´s many styles of glasses that you can buy depending on what you feel like.

We have chosen this design because this device could help many people do their jobs and what they love to do without as many hazards. We got this idea from animals that can around them.

This idea is orginal.

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