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The women would wear dresses but some would just wear normal clothes like a T-shirt and pants if the didnt want to wear religion clothes. The guys would wear nice pants and a nice shirt. Those are what they would wear in El Salvador.
This is the climate in El Salvador. In El Salvador it would be dry and hot and sometimes it is cold and wet. The average is beytween 70 degrees. Soo the coimate is pretty warm. That was El Salvador's weather.
The El Salvador's flag was adopted on September 4, 1908. The flag has three stripes. The blue stripes of the flag represent two oceans the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. The white stripe means peace. The symbol in the middle represents "the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America." That was the meaning of the El Salvador flag.
One of El Salvador's main dish is the Pupusa. The Pupusa is a thick tortilla stuffed with cheese, cooked pork, refried beans and a vine flower bud. That was El Salvador food that they would eat.
The El Salvador population is 6.34 million. There is many man and women. As you can see there is many people that come each year. So that was El Salvador's population.
El Salvador has many different kinds of dollars. They even have American dollars.
El Salvador has dollars with different photos on them and color. But they mainly use the same money as us united states dollars. But if it is not the united states dollar then it will say dos colon or tres colon. It will also say El Salvador on it.
This is El Salvador's president Sanchez Ceren. He is probably 60-80 years old. He took office in June 2014. He is married to Margarita Ceren. He has no son or daughter. That was El Salvadors government Sanchez Ceren.
El Salvador and other countries declared its independence from "Spain on Sept. 15, 1821, and was part of a federation of Central American states until that union dissolved in 1838." El Salvador won their freedom month September day 15 year 1821. That is the date and the history of El Salvadors freedom.
In El Salvador they speak spanish. Like in many places spanish is the most common language besides english. But El Salvadors main language is spanish. That was El Salvadors national language.
El Salvadors three most popular religion is Catholic which is about 50 percent Protestant that is around 20 percent and Christian 10-20 percent. They dont have much mormons. That was El Salvadors three most popular religions.
This is El Salvador on a map.
This is El Salvadors weather. As you can see it would be very hot somedays. And some days it will be a bit cold. The tempature is mainly 70 degrees that was El Salvadors weather. That was the last about El Salvador and the history and knowledge about it. Thank you for listening.


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