STEAM What A Wondeful World

Question #1

In this unit, our teacher #Mr Attard has taught us how to use DASH and DOT and how to use little bits. Also during the term we have done brain storming of our Alternate Power Vehicle. My alternate power vehicle is a robot that moves school supplies. It is powered by air and wind power. My power vehicle has wifi symbols to show a device connecting to it. My picture was made on Assembly and with all the parts to it. Materials used, Wifi symbols, phone and mac symbol, shape symbols, decoration symbols to give it a boast.

As you see in the top left a old steam car and in the bottom left and right the way we could be living soon.


Air power is a wonder and marvel when coming to air powered alternate vehicle because air powered vehicles are a soon way of driving soon. Air power is a great investment because even though it has some set back it still can work which is incredible. Air power can be from ballon car or a wind power car. Air power power is efficient for driving fast and slow depending on the wind and how much air you put into the balloon.

Question #3

My design is a air powered car. It has two ways of working, balloon power and and wind power. The design has some faults like the balloon might pop or the wheels could break off. My design has a name George Jetson because this might be a future design for coming to school or maybe for carrying your school supplies. The design helps everyone because if you have you Mac or IPhone then you can put your device or book on the George Jetson. George Jetson is a design where it helps you and interest you with how it works with ballon power and and the wind.

Question #4

My SWOT analysis

Question #5

My Action Plan

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