Convert Excel to vCard - How To Guide Know How to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard Contacts in Easy Steps

Here in this article we will discuss about how to convert excel to vcard. Many a times user needs to convert contacts stored in excel sheets to vcard contact format, to import in other address book management or email management solutions. Read further in this article about excel to vcard conversion process.


Use of Excel spreadsheet is done by many corporate-professionals for keeping tabular records of their critical data that might be even confidential. In an Excel spreadsheet, all sorts of numeric entries and other tabulator values are usually maintained like contacts.


vCards are popular file formats used to store the contacts as well as information. With the advent of vCards, saving contacts in Excel is sort of an old trend nowadays. These days almost all programs, devices as well as operating systems tend to support this vCard file format; therefore, users should store all their contacts as well as data & info in this particular format.

Need to Convert Excel to vCard

Sometimes, users usually discover methods for converting Excel to vCard contacts for making their contacts to be used further in the current-day devices as well as latest email programs. It is a good way is users can save these contacts in unified formats that are being supported by a vast number of devices as well as programs. And vCards are quite popular and in fact a highly supported file format that has almost replaced Excel that was used earlier.

Easy Manual Way for Converting Excel Contacts to vCard Contacts

It is always recommended to try manual methods first before you go to seek professional assistance in the form of third-party software tools or commercial expert services. Sometimes, the manual methods solve the issue without the need of any other to-be-bought tools. To convert excel to vCard manually; convert Excel worksheet into the format for the Comma Separated Value or the CSV format.

Converting Excel to vCard

• Firstly, open MS Excel on the machine

• And then open Excel’s spreadsheet that has those contact info

• Now click the Office button (there on top)

• Then Save As

• Then Other Formats

• Or, simply click F12

• Select fresh new location for saving the file

• You can also give new file name

• And then select Save as

• And now type: CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

• And after that, click Save

• You will get error on screen stating that selected workbook has multiple sheets

• For saving only active sheet, you have to click OK

• Finally click, Yes, for keeping selected workbook in chosen same format

• This converts Excel to CSV without many changes/damages to your contact info as it helps in keeping original files intact during conversions

• Now import these contacts from new CSV to the PC machine

• And after that export contacts to VCF

• For importing contacts to your machine, follow the below given steps:

o Click Start

o And then on the search-bar, type Contacts

o Now, under Programs, click Contacts

o Over the window for Contacts, you have to click the tab for Import

o Import-to-Windows-Contacts window pops-up

o On this window, select CSV

o And after that click Import for continuing the procedure

o Locate CSV on your machine

o For this, click Browse for browsing that location

o Select CSV wished for importing

o And now, click Open for confirming the selection made

o View selected CSV in edit box

o And then click Next for continuing

o And now map text-field & contacts-field

o Click Name-of-the-Employee box

o Select Contact field for text field – i.e. Name-of-the-Employee

o And now, select this Name in options

o Then click OK

o And again click OK for confirming this selection made

o Map all fields wished for importing

o Finally, click Finish when mapping is complete

o And now click Close for ending this import process

• Exporting contacts to VCF

o Once again on the window for Contacts, you have to select all contacts needed to be exported to VCF

o And after that click the tab- Export

o On the window of Export-Windows-Contacts, in options, you can select vCards (which is the folder for the VCF files)

o And then click Export for continuing

o Select location where you wish to save those contacts

o Can even form fresh new folder for saving contacts at any of the desired locations.

o And now click OK for confirming this selection

o Within very less time, all selected contacts export in VCF at desired location

o And finally click Close for ending this export procedure once done

Though manual methods are economical yet sometimes they need higher effort and lot of time for executing them. If mistakes or errors happen during these processes, then chances of data loss do prevail. Nevertheless, commercial ways do exists and are always there

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