A #DeepBlueLife is a more 'ocean-friendly' lifestyle.

Better Choices, Daily.

The choices you make on a daily basis should be...

Positive & Healthy. Low-impact & FUN.

Millions of people around the globe making dozens of better choices daily...


Which in-turn creates the change needed to solve the OCEAN HEALTH CRISIS.

It all starts with the choices you make... every single day.

Six steps to make Better Choices, Daily.

Driven to make Better Choices, Daily? These are the six holistic steps towards living a #DeepBlueLife. Positive & Healthy. Low-impact & FUN.

Personal Health

Better food choices (including local, organic, non-GMO) you can make, daily exercise doing something you love, and cultivating a positive daily state of mind.

Products & Services

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and when you do buy new products, boost the positive impacts of your daily purchasing power by choosing those with a lower impact on our oceans. Look for recycled content, bio-materials, durable, recyclable, ethically-made...

Renewable Energy

Source low-carbon, renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, wave, and bio-fuels to power your daily lifestyle.

Cleaner Transportation

Choose bikes, skateboards, ride sharing, public transport and hybrid or electric vehicles.

Community Outreach

Get personally involved with local and global environmental/social groups who care about what you do – and volunteer your time.

Climate Impact

Reduce whatever you can, but then “offset” the climate impacts you can’t completely minimize - with carbon credits from “certified” projects around the globe.

Better Choices, Daily.

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