Better Choices. Daily

Deep Blue Life is a simple strategy for creating an Ocean-Friendly lifestyle

Better Choices. Daily

Deep Blue Life choices can and should be...

Positive, Healthy & FUN

Deep Blue Life inspires Millions of ocean lovers, to make a Dozen better choices everyday

creating a Wave of positive momentum and impact

Deep Blue Life sends that positive Wave rippling out into the cultural mainstream through the widespread appeal and co-opting of "surf culture" into "pop culture"

to shift Billions of people to a highly desirable, low-carbon, healthy and sustainable lifestyle

The result: A holistic and scalable solution to solving the environmental crisis that we ourselves created

Six ways to make Better Choices. Daily

Ready to start living your own Deep Blue Life? It's Simple – start by taking 3 personal actions everyday, related to any of the 6 categories below. Repeat that everyday; add more actions as you can, until you're up to a Dozen a day (or MORE)

Health & Wellness

Focus on selecting better food choices (like Local, Organic, non-GMO, Fair-Trade) for every meal, get some daily exercise doing something you love, and take time to cultivate a positive state of mindfulness.

Cleaner Transportation

Take a walk, ride a bike, hop a train, or share a ride to get where you need to go. And when you do drive, use a hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle – and you'll get to the Beach, while saving the sea.

Gear for Living

Before you buy something new, first Reduce, Recycle & Reuse. And when you need something new – look for durable, energy-efficient and ethically-made products, that use recycled and bio-based materials which have a lower impact on our oceans.

Clean Energy

Power your home directly with low-carbon, renewable energy technologies like solar and wind – and/or choose the "Green Power" option offered by many utility companies that enable them to source cleaner energy for everyone in your community.

Building Community

Get involved with the local and global environmental/social groups, who care about the same things you do. Volunteer your time, plant a garden, attend a community gathering, share a meal together and make new friends too.

Climate Positive

Making a dozen better choices daily, will boost your positive impact on ocean health, while also dramatically reducing your negative impacts. But for most of us, we will still have a left over "carbon-footprint" that is harming our Ocean planet, and it must be reversed. So as a final step – consider supporting forest conservation projects, such as mangrove tree planting, in a certified 'Blue Carbon' project.

Better Choices. Daily

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