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Mauricio (Sophmore) sticks spaghetti sticks into marshmallows as he helps his table build a tower, last Monday. The students in the project had tons of fun, however the toughest task was finidign a solid base to start on. "This is hard" said Mauricio as he smashed the half finished tower the group had started on.
Jake (Junior) builds the would be top of our tower, last Monday evening. This piece would go on to be the most and only successful piece the group made. "This is pretty" said Jake as he admired his work.
Jake, finishing his masterpiece of a tower during the project. As the group realized this would be the only good thing they would be able to build, they decided to add some extra features. "Oh yuuuuuh that looks good" said the sophomore Mauricio as he looked on, tempted to destroy the artwork.
The group members (Jake, Pedro, Mauricio, and Mark) looked on as their masterpiece was finished during a project last Monday afternoon. The group struggled however they finally were able to finish a tower without Mauricio messing it all up. "Don't touch anything Rucio" said Senior, Pedro Vazquez as he looked at Mauricio.
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