My Trip to Chaco Canyon. By: tatiana buitragO

Flight to New Mexico.

Going on the flight to New Mexico was a rough flight. It was Friday morning and took... 3 hours and 45 minutes to get there but we finally made it there. I couldn't wait to spend the next 3 days there with my family.

We will be staying in our tents for the next 3 days.

Camping was fun in our tents... there was an amazing view. It was $15 per night and a limit of 6 people. I can't wait to spend this awesome vacation with my family.

Chaco culture museum

So now it's Friday afternoon and we just finished putting up our tents so we decided to go do something so we went to the Chaco Culture Museum. Included in the museum is the Chaco Canyon. Archaeological research collection of scientists. The collection contains over 1 million artifacts and 900,000 archival records.


Saturday morning and we wanted to take a day and just hike. We hiked up the beautiful rocky stone. We saw so many amazing views and we also brought our camera and took so many pictures of our vacation. We hiked up for a good 5 hours and got back to our tents around 3:30. Then decided to take a nap. We woke up around 7 and at that time we ate and just watched the sunset out of our tents.

Ranger tour

So it was Sunday... our last day. So on the last day we wanted to take a ranger tour and tour all the things and Chaco Canyon before we leave. We got to see...the great houses...Pueblo Rinconada, Pueblo Benita and the Chetro Ketl. Then we headed back to our camp sight and packed our things.

Heading home

We are heading home. I didn't want to leave. We left about at 7 pm so there was a pretty cool sunset. But that was one of the best vacations I had with my family. I would so go back... but more than 3 days.

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