We Are Easter People Living without Fear - Anxiety - Study Guide

Monday: Matthew 6:25-27

Ask yourself: What are the things I worry about the most? (List them)

Tuesday: 1 Peter 1:3-9

Ask yourself: How does my belief in Jesus’ resurrection help move my anxiety into an everlasting trust in Jesus?

Wednesday: John 20:19-31

Ask yourself: How were the disciples’ fear changed when they met Jesus? How was Thomas’ doubt changed to belief when Jesus showed up?

Thursday: Isaiah 41:5-10

Ask yourself: What comforts me when I am afraid? What scriptures can I turn to, or songs that I can sing when I am afraid?

Friday: Philippians 4:4-7

Practice giving thanks to God for the things you have, and the things in your life that give you peace. Imagine how frantic your life would be without these praises. Now, compare these praises with the list you made earlier in the week containing your worries. Can remembering your praises help with your worries? Which praises can you recall often that can help with certain fears?

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