Bread & Butter Bonanaza Maddie Beaton

This morning I made myself a piece of toast and I put butter on the piece of bread and I dropped it and I realized that the butter landed right side up.

I did an experiment and found out that the bread doesn't always land butter down. The chance of landing on butter side down is a 50/50 chance. It may seem alarming but the butter no matter how much is on the piece of bread could land either butter up or down.

I understand the church believes that the bread always lands butter side down and I did too until I experimented and found out that bread actually does land butter side up and it lands there quite frequently.

I am not exactly sure why this happens but I do know that butter side down isn’t consistent. Just wait until the misfortune of dropping you toast happens to you! You will witness the same as I did.

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2020Madeline Beaton


Created with images by Jarkko Laine - "Sourdough and butter"

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