Adobe Spark: Strategic Brief By: Krista Prak


Adobe spark is an online application that allows you to make graphics, web stories, and animated videos. These types of items are made through different programs and can be used on several different social media platforms, for businesses, and personal use as well. There is a community of individuals who include their own creations for you to become inspired and a blog that keeps up with current events which could help to spark your own creativity. Being a very visual person, I appreciated the graphics and animations that I could make for my page through adobe spark. The content I created was clean and professional but still captured my idea and the attention of my audience.


I would like to focus on the local restaurant that I work at called The Hub Louisville and help to incorporate a different approach to advertising. The Hub Louisville offers more than just good food, great service, and tasty spirits, we also have nightlife and participate in many local events and holidays. The whole goal of the restaurant itself is to provide a memorable experience for the customer which prompts them to come again.

Key Audience:

I don’t believe that the management is aware of these types of products and what they can utilize them for when it comes to advertising. We have hired some different people to create flyers for us to post around Louisville but I think that we can do these things on our own with Adobe Spark. One of the other things that Adobe Spark could be useful for is creating a variety of Facebook and Instagram posts beyond simply taking a picture or posting a poster that we had made.

Strategic Mindset:

Some of the unique characteristics that we have at The Hub Louisville is that we have close ties within the community that allow us to participate in different events and since it is privately owned then we have complete control of how the restaurant runs and events that we would like to host. We do events like puppies and pints in the summer to showcase our patio and bring in a more family oriented customer group whereas we also have industry nights on Sundays which bring in industry workers who come for cheap food and alcohol. I think that the audience that we are trying to reach using Adobe Spark products is going to be young professionals and the older more established crowd. I believe that The Hub Louisville is a very inclusive restaurant that brings something to the table for each customer that comes through the door ranging from food to spirits to overall customer service.


The overall objective that I have is going to be to bring in more customers, boost sales, and ensure that they are having a memorable experience from the staff and the food/beverage selection.


The strategies that I have for The Hub Louisville involve bringing in more customers which will in turn boost sales. The tactics that we can utilize are to create different graphics for our social media platforms when advertising events or nightlife and the DJ’s that we use and to help revamp our home website to have more customer engagement. The other strategy that I have in mind is for social media posts to be more consistent but not overwhelming to our customers. This is one thing that my managers have voiced to me with having trouble on and throughout the course of the semester we have been introduced to Hootsuite within the classroom which could be used to help this issue. I can educate the management on this platform and show them how to schedule posts so that they always have content coming and know when it will be shown.


In conclusion, The Hub Louisville is one of the city’s up and coming nightlife spots and THE place to grab a great burger and a local beer along with the many TV’s scattered around the place, this could be the place to be for March Madness. The atmosphere is laid back enough to play pool but can change quickly enough for a couple wanting a bottle of wine and a cozy booth. Whatever our customers need, we are more than happy to oblige because to us customer service is key. So please, come see us and experience The Hub Louisville.

To learn more on Adobe Spark and what it can do for you please check out these resources listed below:

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