The French Revolution By Janessa Moeller

The French Revolution was successful, I mean they managed to get freedom eventually, right? The revolution was caused due to many things, like religion, the countries debt, the fact that he first and second estate (the clergy and the nobles) didn't have to pay any taxes to pay off this debt, instead the money was taken from the third estate, 98% of the population! All these people were poor and starving due to this. Everyone was angry at the king.

This image shows the first and second estates riding on the third estates back to symbolize that the third estate is holding everyone else up

The Reign of Terror

King Louis XVI was the first to be killed during the reign of terror. The reign of terror had about 16,594 official death sentences in France. All killed by guillotine.

The reign of terror took many innocent lives.

People would get their heads cut off for refusing to sell their own goods.

How did the other countries feel about this?

The other countries saw the French Revolution as inspiration and others saw it as trouble. After the French Revolution many other countries thought to look for their own freedom while others thought the revolutiron led to a series of wars between various countries and the French.

The end

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