Urban Life Improvements Jay Bartus

The government improved urban cities by improving on sanitation, creating new tenement laws and creating settlement homes for the poor.

Streets and inside tenements were a mess with no room for people anywhere.


George Waring a muckraker used his organization called the White Ducks to clean the streets. Systems like sewers were also created.

Tenement Buildings

The governement improrved tenement buildings by having the Tenement Housing Act. Which would improve on poor ventilation, toilets for heath issues and even courtyards outside of tenements.

Settlement Homes

The government and Jane Addams discovered the idea of creating settlement homes to help out the poor. This would provide them food, sheltar, and even education. Settlement homes would give the poor the basic needs of every day life.

The government was able to create cleaner cities and a better way of life for both men and women by improving sanitation, creating new laws around tenement buildings and having settlement homes to give poor people a way to live.


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